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Microsoft Corporation (HD DVD) (Redmond, Washington 2005-2007)

Software Test Engineer

Microsoft Corporation (MS Press Interactive) (Redmond, Washington 1998-2002)

Production Lead, Media Designer, and Production Artist

Multicom Publishing, Inc. (Seattle, Washington 1995-1997)

Quality Assurance Engineer

KBCS 91.3 FM (Bellevue/Seattle, Washington 1996-Present)

FM Radio Producer/Programmer


Web Development Certificate - Seattle Central Community College, Seattle, Washington.

B.F.A. - Photography, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.

B.A. - Comparative History of Ideas, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.

Freelance Work:

Prince of Light 1993-2000
Analog photographic and special effects lightshows for live rock-and-roll music.

Holtby-Black 1994
Wedding Photography.

Iris Designs 1995
Brochure-Merchandise Photography.

Robert Hunter (lyricist for the Grateful Dead) and Street Outreach Services 1998
Set Design Consulting: photography and rear-screen projection at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, Washington.

acetylene: which way from up? 2000
CD cover photography for the Seattle band, acetylene.

Valdez 2003
Wedding Photography.